Know More About Pharma Refrigerators

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Nowadays, many companies are manufacturing compliant temperature cold rooms that are used in the biological, pharmaceutical and medical industries. The most common prototype has a dual temperature of about 8’x10’, 8’x20’, 8’x20’ HD plus an optional 8’x20’ redundant cold rooms that contain a validated temperature.

The validation and evaluation data obtained is used as the basis for providing the expected performance of devices like the pharma refrigerator. Any temperature-controlled systems that comply and are dependable must be able to offer efficient and the safest cold chain storage. There is a long list of pharmaceutical products like:

  • Life sciences pharmaceuticals
  • Life systems technologies
  • Biomedical technologies
  • Environmental devices
  • Biomedical device
  • Food processing
  • Cosmeceuticals

Uses of Pharma Refrigerator in the Pharmaceutical Industry

scientist in the laboratoryIrrespective of the stage at which it is, whether at the development stage, the research stage, before transport phase, clinical trials phase, or preconditioning gel packs stage, pharma refrigerator is the solution when temporary refrigeration is needed at any point of the cold chain. Pharma refrigerator plays a significant role in the cold chain supply that helps meet temperature sensitive distribution requirements.

The pharma refrigerator serves the following roles in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Seasonal & transport storage
  • Gel pack/PCM conditioning
  • Research and development
  • Packaging facilities
  • Overflow capacities
  • Bulk drug storage
  • Vaccine storage
  • Clinical trials
  • Biomaterials

Evaporation Efficiency

microbiologistPharma refrigerator is designed with KE2 evaporator, a device that is responsible for managing the internal temperature and defrosting of cycles to a tenth of a degree. This unique device helps the refrigerator to regulate the humidity and temperature of any sensitive commodity inventory.

KE2 manages both the temperature and humidity; it is possible to hold the integrity of any product, minimize spoilage and avoids shrinkage of products. Temperature is regulated and maintained precisely to offer the ideal environment for all pharmaceutical applications.

Benefits of Pharma Refrigerators

Proper Refrigeration Properties

The operation temperature of pharma refrigerator stands at 35F (2C) to -10F (-23C). When connected to power, it does not produce fumes, diesel engine or fuel bills noise.

High Mobility

Pharma refrigerator can be carried to any place for any outdoor medication services. If you are a health worker based in areas that require a fridge on the go in varied locations, then pharma refrigerator is the best.


Pharm refrigerators are designed to endure all the massive abuse found in reckless management and all outdoor elements. Pharma refrigerators can survive in the harshest conditions possible ranging from the intense sun of Arizona to the chilling cold of Minnesota, and no climate shakes the pharma refrigerators.

Simple & Quick Electrification

All you need to do is bring power to the device, and it is set to run. Additionally, the refrigerator also has the following merits in the pharmaceutical industry:


  • Elimination of excessive temperature swings.
  • Avoids the formation of ice on ceilings and floors.
  • Offers energy savings ranging 15-50% unlike mechanical controlled systems.
  • Maximizes on the efficiency of energy using less compressor run time which leads results into shorter defrosts.
  • Eradicates unnecessary defrosts primarily related to time-based alternatives, hence preserving plenty of energy.

Pharma refrigerators run on a stable temperature of +2C to +8C and the refrigerators are made to store medicine in hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories. Pharma refrigerators are such a worthy investment that will not disappoint your health professional.…

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